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On May 15, 1841, the Police Office of the Royal Military Command of the city and province of Alba granted Luigi Costamagna, son of Francesco Antonio, permission "for retail wine trade [...] for the wine produced from the grapes of its vineyards" in La Morra.
In 1911, Francesco and his son Riccardo won the Gold Medal at the Grand Prix of the International Exhibition of Turin, for presenting fifty years of uninterrupted production.

Barolo Chinato  Rocche Costamagna cl 50
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Barolo Chinato Rocche Costamagna cl 50

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Widespread in Piedmont at the end of the nineteenth century as an invigorating elixir, it is prepared according to the original recipe that involves the addition of an infusion of cinchona calissaja bark together with twenty-seven other spices at the base of Barolo wine aged three years. Sublime digestive, even more if accompanied by dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Perfect meditation wine.

Grappa Di Barolo  Rocche Costamagna cl 50
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Barolo Grappa Rocche Costamagna cl 50

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Obtained from the pomace of Nebbiolo da Barolo, passed in traditional steam stills, it preserves intact the aromas and aromas of the wine of origin.
Barolo Grappa is aged in Slavonian oak barrels for five years.