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In Tuscany there had always been little care for distillates, until the master distiller Gioacchino Nannoni, aware of the aromatic potential and organoleptic properties of Tuscan pomace, with particular attention to those of Brunello and Chianti, gave prestige to the "farm grappa": a product designed and manufactured to ensure respect for the aromas and flavors peculiar to each type of vine or blend.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the art of distillation, but even more thanks to the perfect mastery in the realization of the same plants, Gioacchino Nannoni has managed to create products for which his name, associated with companies of primary importance, is now known all over the world.

The Distilleria Nannoni is located in the small town of Aratrice, in the green Tuscan countryside, a short distance from Grosseto and Siena.

Grappa Di Brunello Bianca  Nannoni  cl 70
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Grappa Di Brunello Bianca Nannoni cl 70

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Grappa di Brunello

• Alcohol content: 40% vol.
• Capacity: ml. 700.
• Category: Young grappa.
• Origin: from fresh Tuscan pomace of Sangiovese Grosso, locally called Brunello.
• Distillation: with steam boilers and discontinuous column at low grade. Artisanal method, cutting of head and tail performed manually by the Master Dister.
• Visual examination: transparent, clear colour.
• Olfactory examination: fresh bouquet with an enveloping fragrance, with clear varietal notes.
• Taste test: clean, soft, thick taste.
• Final sensations: harmonious and balanced aftertaste, slowly fading to the palate.

Acquavite Riserva Da Sigaro Toscano Nannoni cl 70
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Riserva Grappa Da Cigar Toscano Nannoni cl 70

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Taste test: Gentle and respectful was born to be slowly a good companion of pleasures for the Tuscan, so as to be, on the palate, full and harmonious, almost sensual and at the same time feminine.
Awards: 2013 China Wine Award GOLD Medal
Tasting tips: 18° C in a Cognac glass.
Pairing: Meditation grappa, excellent at the end of a meal. Particularly recommended artisan chocolate and dry pastries and of course ... the Tuscan Cigar!