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The company "Le Lupinaie" is immersed in the green hills of the Maremma, in the municipality of Magliano in Toscana, near the characteristic village of Montiano, and covers a total area of 25 hectares.

The land is placed in sun exposure at about 250 meters above sea level, on the sea side, so that the air of the Tyrrhenian Sea keeps the grapes dry in the autumn months of the harvest. In this way it is possible to reach excellent phenolic maturity, which gives softness and pleasantness to the wines.

The composition of the soil is quite varied, between clayey and medium texture.
The cultivation method is spurred cordon and the yield of grapes per hectare is about 70 quintals.
The thinning is carried out in the spring at the level of the shoots, to keep the productions at the indicated levels.

The harvest normally takes place towards the end of September, and is carried out strictly by hand.

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