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The name Lazy Dodo is inspired by the mythical extinct bird, the Dodo precisely, which inhabited the island around 1750, a reference to the historical identity of Mauritius, as historical is also the sugar cane plantation of Pamplemousse, one of the oldest on the island.

Lazy Dodo rum is the result of the joint work of the house French Milhade (Domaines & Chateaux) and the Mauritian Grays (New Grove, Harel family), the first producer of Bordeaux wines and the other of rum. The meeting took place inside the Harel family distillery, and the Lazy Dodo project was cultivated as a "son" by the two friends.

Rum Lazy Dodo Mauritius cl 70
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Rum Lazy Dodo Mauritius cl 70

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The production of this rum starts from the molasses of sugar cane grown in the north-east of the island. Distillation and aging are conducted on the New Grove farm. Once the aging is finished (some rums of the assembly are 12 years old) mainly in oak barrels French. The maste distiller assembles rum of several thousandths, some of which are aged in new American oak barrels.

With a dark amber color, the nose is fresh dominated by notes of exotic fruit, in the mouth it is soft, leaves notes of citrus and wood.