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This London Dry Gin, of high quality and image positioning, takes its name from those distant times when London distillers were subjected to the payment of a tax, in fact, of 50 pounds of the time (Fifty Pounds). The manufacturer, the "Thames Distillers", is a small distillery in the south-east of London, in business for over two centuries and belonging to a family of ancient production traditions; the Master Distiller is also the President of the Association of English Distillers.

London Dry Gin  Fifty Pounds  cl 70

London Dry Gin Fifty Pounds cl 70

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Category: London Dry Gin.• Origin: London – United Kingdom. • Number of distillations carried out: 4 + 1.• Vegetable ingredients: 11 different types of vegetables, including herbs, spices, flowers and fruit.• Visual examination: transparent, crystalline color.• Olfactory examination: typical aroma, pleasantly spicy.• Taste test: dry, fresh and clean taste, of great softness and balance.